Real Estate Agent Reviews in Santa Rosa, CA

Agents are ordered using an algorithm that weighs different types of activity in the region, including reviews, sales in the last 12 months, and listings.

Reviews in Santa Rosa

Agents are ordered using an algorithm that weighs different types of activity in the region, including reviews, sales in the last 12 months, and listings.

Client review

In Santa Rosa:

32 Local Reviews

10 Recent Sales

1 Listing

Gilson Real Estate

Review 09/01/2015:

"I live 2 hours from Susan's office so much of our dealings were over the phone ..."

In Santa Rosa:

8 Local Reviews

27 Recent Sales

11 Listings

The McCall Team

Review 08/18/2015:

"They lead a team of hard working like minded individuals that helped us thru a very..."

Most Sales

In Santa Rosa:

2 Local Reviews

37 Recent Sales

8 Listings

W Real Estate

Review 05/05/2015:

"In both instances he and his team were extremely knowledgeable, professional with ..."

In Santa Rosa:

22 Local Reviews

9 Recent Sales

1 Listing

Pacific Union International

Review 08/07/2015:

"It is hard to say the analysis or expectation was off."

In Santa Rosa:

14 Local Reviews

19 Recent Sales

1 Listing

Pacific Union

Review 09/30/2015:

"She listens to your needs, finds properties that fit, does not waste your time and ..."

In Santa Rosa:

13 Local Reviews

17 Recent Sales

2 Listings

Prosper Real Estate

Review 09/24/2015:

"Adam's extensive real estate knowledge and high level of professionalism is ..."

In Santa Rosa:

7 Local Reviews

22 Recent Sales

5 Listings

Keller Williams Realty

Review 08/20/2015:

"She handled it expertly, from cleaning the house and moving out loads of stuff to..."

In Santa Rosa:

5 Local Reviews

23 Recent Sales

3 Listings

Century 21 Alliance

Review 09/18/2015:

"Performance like that is really hard to find in this day and age, with all the marketing ..."

In Santa Rosa:

11 Local Reviews

13 Recent Sales

2 Listings


Review 07/17/2015:

"Perhaps his most valuable quality, he's adaptive; when we took our time finding ..."

In Santa Rosa:

16 Local Reviews

7 Recent Sales

No Listings

Pacific union

Review 08/05/2015:

"He stayed in contact with all the parties involved and kept us informed of progress ..."

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