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Lender Reviews in Southbury, CT

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Reviews in Southbury

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Client review

Quicken Loans

(800) 442-2136

7184 total reviews (2 local)

Quicken Loans

NMLS #: 3030

Review 03/09/2015:

"Fast organized and helpful staff pleasure doing this VA loan highly recommended."

Gerald Rothman Jr

(860) 812-0252 x14

17 total reviews (2 local)

Generation Mortgage, LLC

NMLS #: 109955 CT/FL/MA

Review 05/28/2009:

"The closing attorney noted that I hit a "home run" with this refi, and ..."


(609) 216-7912

477 total reviews (1 local)

Garden State Home Loans

NMLS #: 473163

Review 02/24/2015:

"The closing team comes to your house and walks you through every document to be ..."

Bruce Lublin

(914) 946-7100 x210

56 total reviews (1 local)

Homerica Mortgage Corporation

NMLS #: 67032

Review 12/23/2014:

"All I can say is that I will never go to another mortgage broker again other than ..."

Michael Campites

(631) 656-6450

17 total reviews (1 local)

NJ Lenders Corp.

NMLS #: 160086

Review 04/03/2015:

"Michael Campites were extremely knowledgable, personable, and helpful."

Vincent Weiss

(908) 735-7462 x207

9 total reviews (1 local)

Residential Home Mortgage Corporation

NMLS #: 285251

Review 10/17/2015:

"Helped me again a year later to refinance to an even lower rate."


(860) 555-1234

5 total reviews (1 local)


NMLS #: 0000

Review 10/24/2013:

"Julie can be trusted to be responsive, fully knowledgeable on the topic and an excellent ..."

Kim (Mraz) Polasek

(203) 556-9775

5 total reviews (1 local)

NE Moves Mortgage, LLC

NMLS #: 80355

Review 02/02/2014:

"She came to my aid again during my refinance and buyout of the same property."

Kevin Carse

(860) 227-3799

3 total reviews (1 local)

NE Moves Mortgage LLC

NMLS #: 109454

Review 09/16/2014:

"We have been searching for a house for 6 months and we had to change offers multiple ..."

Mark Nagy

(203) 525-0387

1 total review (1 local)

Primary Residential Mortgage Inc

NMLS #: LO 968910

Review 01/18/2013:

"I personally have purchased several properties over the years and have had a wide ..."

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