Lender Reviews in Zip Code: 37221

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Reviews in 37221

The "Ratings" sort is based on an algorithm that balances the number and average rating of each professional's reviews.

Client review

Mark Neely

(615) 567-8882

103 total reviews (4 local)

CMG Financial

NMLS #: 489379

Review 09/24/2015:

"Every aspect of the process flowed seamlesly."

Michael Church

(615) 760-9112

30 total reviews (2 local)

Legacy Mutual Mortgage

NMLS #: 186187

Review 08/22/2015:

"He advised me about the rigors of buying in a very competitive market, kept in touch ..."

Brian Smith

(615) 261-1368

6 total reviews (2 local)

Movement Mortgage

NMLS #: 186247

Review 10/21/2013:

"I will miss his sense of humor and genuine caring now that I have closed on my new ..."

Bank of America

(888) 871-7291

1461 total reviews (1 local)

Bank of America

NMLS #: 399802

Review 08/04/2015:

"He's helped me secure financing on 2 properties and I will continue to use ..."

eRates Mortgage

(855) 693-7283

1694 total reviews (1 local)

eRates Mortgage

NMLS #: 1071

Review 05/27/2015:

"We got a very good rate and the process was always explained to us as we went through ..."


(704) 405-9633

471 total reviews (1 local)


NMLS #: 2947

Review 03/20/2015:

"Will Darcey has gone above and beyond what any other loan officer has done for me ..."

John E. Robinson

(615) 497-3056

44 total reviews (1 local)

Key Financial, Inc.

NMLS #: 164959

Review 01/27/2015:

"Our appraisal was scheduled within a week or so while we gathered the necessary ..."

Keach Driver

(615) 364-6501

22 total reviews (1 local)

Farmington Mortgage, CapStar Bank

NMLS #: 239512

Review 08/26/2015:

"He was helpful in answering questions beyond the typical requests for numbers."

Triumph Bank

(888) 895-4663

14 total reviews (1 local)

Triumph Bank

NMLS #: 258821

Review 08/03/2015:

"They were very responsive to our questions and very knowledgable of any issues we ..."

Dawn Gaffney

(615) 833-0456 x312

6 total reviews (1 local)

Accurate Mortgage

NMLS #: 186086

Review 03/03/2015:

"Great personality and works with the public well."

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