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Fork Union Military Academy is a private high school. The principal of Fork Union Military Academy is RADM J. Scott Burhoe, USCG (Ret.), whose e-mail is 463 children attend Fork Union Military Academy and identify primarily as White, non-Hispanic; Asian/Pacific Islander; and Hispanic. The student to teacher ratio at Fork Union Military Academy is 12:1. Fluvanna County High School is one of the nearest high schools.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Languages Taught

    • Spanish
  • Sports

    • Soccer

Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School
White, non-Hispanic 78%
Asian/Pacific Islander 7%
Hispanic 2%
Black, non-Hispanic 13%
Native American or Native Alaskan 0%

Community Rating & Reviews

  • (4 months ago)

    I am a friend of FUMA. I read all reviews posts on this site. I congratulate those cadets who succeeded in meeting FUMA's mission and goal. The comments posted on this site from parents and former cadets positive or negative given FUMA's structure and student enrollment size have given me an affirmation that FUMA lives up to its mission and values of building "solid citizens" who embody the values of integrity honor duty self-discipline and service to others. My best wishes to FUMA parents and cadets administrators faculty and staff for continued success in educating and building future effective leaders and solid citizens.

  • (5 months ago)

    As I couldn't return to my old school and public schools in the area weren't viable I decided to attend Fork Union my sophomore year of high school. I took it as a second chance - my parents sacrificed a lot for me to attend and I promised myself I would make the most of my opportunity. I had a chance at success -- and I took it. I see several parents complaining about the school and I couldn't disagree more. The stage was set for your son to succeed and he simply didn't play his part - nothing more needs to be said. In addition parents remark that cadets receive rank via donations - yet my family has never donated a cent and I am a Company Commander - one of the top positions in the academy. Promotions result from hard work not donations. Fork Union changed my life and it can certainly change your son's in a positive way if he is willing to put forth effort. For example I now have a 4.1 GPA and have a chance of attending a Service Academy - something I could never have dreamed of before. I am proud to attend Fork Union and I strongly recommend giving it a chance. God bless. --Cadet Class of 2015

  • (12 months ago)

    We sent our son to school at FUMA and it was a waste of time and money. He was kicked out for smoking and we lost thousands of dollars. The administrators pressured us to "withdraw" so their record would look good but I would not go along. Their unusual single focus curriculum means that children who leave FUMA cannot easily integrate into other high schools. It was a waste.

  • (1 year ago)

    I graduated from Fork Union in 2004. I wouldn't have gone to college graduate school or recieved a good well paying job if I hadn't gone. The parents that are talking about them being money hungry are probably mostly those parents whose kids get kicked out. If you get kicked out you don't get reimbursed fully. For me I still had enough fear in my parents that the 20 some thousand dollar anger from my Dad if I would have been kicked out is one of the reasons for my success. A lot of people send kids to FUMA who need reform school not a military college prep school. Kids with sever disciplinary problems don't belong at that school. This is a school that helps really good students get to where they need to go (academies good public/private univ) and help bad students learn time management organization confidence and self pride. I just looked at the reviews so I would see what my Uncle is seeing since he is thinking of sending my little cousin. I think it's funny that the place is always still the same. It doesn't change much over time and that's the point. Hard work discipline ethics and morality are pretty time tested priciples that don't need to change.

  • (1 year ago)

    My son is currently attending his first year at FUMA he is in the 8th grade. I found the admission interview and overall interaction with the staff to be very positive. Its only been a month but my son is doing his homework his test scores still need some work but I have to say the teachers have been very supportive to him and he understands that they have an expectation of him. The one thing that I like the most and my son seems to really thrive on is that at FUMA he is a cadet not a cadet with ADHD . He is not isolated or singled out and he is treated fairly and something that is very important to him he is treated like everyone else. So yes he has earned his share of demerits alot less than I thought he would. His self confidence has picked up and he walks with his head up high. He wants to be independent and responsible and wants me to see that he is capable of being trusted and I don't need to go behind because he knows what he is suppose to do and will just do it. No admission is not free but its is the best investment that I could have ever made. Sending your son to Fork Union Military Academy will prepare your son to do great things and make him a better person.

  • (2 years ago)

    Fork Union administrators care about one thing...tuition. They are insincere and this is a business only. They hide behind a this military farse structured discipline polite charade and "Christian" values....all of which are one big front to pay their salary. They will say anything to cover up the facts that they dont want you to know.

  • (2 years ago)

    I have to disagree w/ the parent talking about a perfect record and grades to get into FUMA. My son was barely passing 8th grade and getting into nonsense (trouble w/ the wrong crowd). I knew he was a good kid. After all I am his mom. He wasn't happy to go but with a loving heart I sent him to FUMA. Best decision ever! Teachers care about the boys. My son is learning much more than academics. He is learning how to survive in this world. I'm confident that he will do well in life. I look at it this way..I'm spending my money on the front four (high school) so he will be prepared for college. Many friends send their kids to college and cross their fingers that they will do ok. I made a choice to invest in FUMA. My son is finishing up his freshman year. I know he is being well prepared for greatness. There's a good possibility he will earn a scholorship to college. Then FUMA paid for itself. Seriously. This is easy thinking. A proud Mom!

  • (2 years ago)

    Everyone who applies to Fork Union Military Academy is not admitted but everyone is afforded our full consideration for admission. We make every effort to ensure our cadets are mission appropriate which means they have every chance to succeed in our challenging college-preparatory Christian military boarding school environment.

  • (2 years ago)

    The Admissions department of this school is terribly rude and condescending. They are money hungry and are elitist. Do not even bother visiting this school unless your son has a perfect record and good grades in his current school. But if that's the case why would you want to spend a small fortune to send him here?

  • (2 years ago)

    We sent our son to Fork Union Military Academy for his eighth grade year and I cannot say enough great things about the caring staff and the positive changes in our son. He wanted to go back to FUMA for his entire high school years but with the economic downturn we had to send him back to public school. We are still hopeful that he can attend the upper school for his junior and senior years and would recommend FUMA to any boy who is struggling to find his way academically and spiritually.

  • (2 years ago)

    My son attended FUMA then was dismissed over a simple issue on the second week of his senior year. He was wrongly accused & they had not a shread of evidence. They have very little supervision in place. This school is motivated by money alone and they hide behind their so called "Christian Values". I strongly recommend you look elsewhere.

  • (2 years ago)

    I have no doubt that some of the 'good' reviews on here are written by Fork Union Secretaries. Who ever you're do your research before deciding to put your child in this school and my ONLY advice to you would be to find another school. Why? As you will see when you visit the school the front desk and everyone will treat you like a million dollars but what they don't fully express to you is that they're only after your hard earned money. My little brother got kicked out of there because he was a witness to a dozen kids who took cough syrup to get high. Fork Union dismissed my little brother and all the other kids. They gave no 2nd chance to any of these kids for their mistakes. They did this really quick so no other parents and kids in the school knew about it. They told all the families that they have to pay for the whole school year tuition even though the kids only went to school for 2-4 months. When it comes to business and money they show no marcy. In the beginning they're really nice to you to get you sign the contract but after that it's all business and money. So I advise spend your hard earned money somewhere else. You know your child the best!

  • (3 years ago)

    The worse decision I made for my child. Bar None In theory Fork Union Could be a great school. Structure Millitary Discipline etc. these are the things I wanted for my child. I sent my child there for 1 year and it was financial and emotional hell. The school is over priced. The school cares more about it rigid system of military justice instead of improving your child academically and socially. Their front office is very small and unproffesional and their presidents office is a joke. The school will not return your phone calls. for the entire year the only department that readily returned emails and requests was the finance department. Second dont expect good treatment and rank for your child unless you are prepared to donate money to the school above your childs tuition. FUMA also has a guilty by association policy as it reguards to disciplinary issues with kids meaning if something happens and you kid was spotted in the vacinity weither or not h commited the act he could be suspended or expelled. FUMA could care less about fairness because they get paid weither your child succeeds in the school or not. FUMA SIMPLY is not worth the Money. YOU WILL Regret sending you child

  • (3 years ago)

    As a parent that entrusted my two oldest sons to FUMA I was greatly disappointed. It was not worth the tens of thousands of dollars we spent. The education and discipline was lacking. I expected more from a military school. I have since removed my children from Fork Union Military Academy. My recommendation is find another school.

  • (4 years ago)

    My son was not thriving academically or socially in public school and convinced my husband and I to send him to Fork Union Military Academy. This is his first year at FUMA as an eighth grader and we have noticed such positive changes in him already it is truly amazing. He is more confident and displays more respect to others. He is playing sports and talking about his long term goals. While he has struggled a bit in math he told us that his math teacher is awesome and he would not want to be any place else. Additionally FUMA works to instill in each cadet a strong moral compass based on Christian principles. Overall I am so pleased with the focus and compassion the staff shows each student and I can only say that the tuition is worth every penny!

  • (9 years ago)

    Before I went to FUMA I was troubled both academically and with my behavior. After two years there I went from no future to getting ready to graduate from Hampden-Sydney College and plan on attending law school. Between the amazing athletic opportunites available and the one-course subject plan chances for success endless. Without FUMA I would not be anywhere near the amount of success that I have acheived thus far.

  • (9 years ago)

    By far the best thing that ever happened in my life. Instructors are more than teachers they are fathers to all students. By far one of the best college prep programs in the world. I will send both of my boys.

  • (10 years ago)

    My son only attended the summer school at FUMA. He did wonderfully. He enjoyed his instructors and said they genuinely seem to care. He went to re-do two classes in each he received a D at our local high school. He averages an A at FUMA! Wonderful! Instructors also provide updates regarding grades and/or any other concerns. If only it wasn't so expensive we'd send him there full-time!

  • (10 years ago)

    My child Will attends Fork Union Military Academy Middle School in Fork Union Va. Last year was his first year as a seventh grader. The experience there is worth every penny invested. The academic class size averages eight students per class. The teachers are available to communicate at any time by e-mail or telephone. Every three weeks you receive an update on your child's progress. Initially my child wanted to go there because of the athletic program. It is phenomenal. Lacrosse Football Baseball Swim Team Soccer are just a few. He wants to attend again this fall. The 'girl situation' is the worst drawback for Will. Thank goodness Fork Union has dances where girls are invited from all the local schools. Self-confidence pride spritual nurturing organization and responsibility is what you will see instilled in your child through the course of the year. Please check out the website

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