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About Bird's Eye View

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    What is Bird's Eye View?

    Bird's Eye View is a high-resolution aerial image of a location viewed at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. So, instead of seeing a location from a flat, overhead view, Bird's Eye View is seen at an angle, offering 3D-like quality. For example, you might be able to see the architectural style and type of siding of a home whereas on the flat, overhead views, you cannot. See Bird's Eye View Coverage Areas and see Bird's Eye View of Famous Homes.

    What is the benefit of using Bird's Eye View?

    For one thing, Bird's Eye View offers outstanding image quality since it is captured by high-resolution technology. Homes and neighborhoods can be seen much more clearly. Also, since Bird's Eye View enables you to see a home at an angle, you can get a better sense of how the house is situated on the lot. Plus, there are navigational buttons so you can view a house from any direction (e.g., north, south, east and west), and therefore, you can get a sense of what the front, back and sides of the home look like and gain a better understanding of the yard space.

    How do I get to a Bird's Eye View?

    Type an address in the search field at the top of any page. Click on the address in the map bubble. This will bring you to a home details page. If we have Bird's Eye Views available for that location, you will see a high-resolution aerial image of the home. We only have Bird's Eye View images for certain locations, but we will be adding more to the list all the time. We also have Bird's Eye View of Famous Homes. Here are some samples you can look at in different locations:

    Why do you have Bird's Eye View and street maps together? How will this help me?

    Since the Bird's Eye View does not provide street names or Zestimates , we thought it would be helpful to put a street map under it that contains that information.

    How do I move these maps around?

    You can move both maps together by using the compass controls on the Street Map View. Or, you can click on either map and drag it with your mouse. Both maps will move together and this way you can view street addresses and Zestimates, while also viewing the high-resolution quality of Bird's Eye View.

    When I type in an address, why don't the home icons match up on the maps?

    The Street Map will have more precise pinpointing of a home's location whereas the location on Bird's Eye View should be within the frame, but may not be exactly on the house. This is due to different geocoding techniques used for each of the maps.

    Why doesn't the Bird's Eye View have multiple zoom levels?

    At this time, the Bird's Eye View only offers two levels which can be triggered by clicking on the " " or "-" buttons in the upper left-hand corner. But, you can use the navigational buttons to view a house from any direction (e.g., north, south, east and west.)

    What does the statement "Not for government use" mean?

    We are required by our licensors to include the phrase and it only applies to the Bird's Eye View images.

    What is Street View?

    In addition to Bird's Eye View and Street Maps, we are also offering Street View, which is the view of the house as seen from the street. Click on the arrows along the front of the home to navigate to the left or right. You can also "grab" the image and move it around -- even turning it to see the other side of the street!

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