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About Zillow's Mystery Shopping Program

Zillow Mortgage Marketplace's Mystery Shopping Program

To help ensure that Zillow Mortgage Marketplace (ZMM) is providing consumers with current and accurate information so they can make informed financial decisions, ZMM is implementing a "Mystery Shopping" program.

How it works:
ZMM's Quality Assurance Team will periodically shop lenders in the marketplace to ensure lenders are honoring mortgage quotes they post on Zillow.  Each lender that is mystery shopped will be notified of their results, following a review by a ZMM Quality Assurance Team member.

Why do it:
By maintaining consumer confidence that the information on Zillow is trustworthy and valid, we believe we are better able to provide lenders with a sustainable platform to build their business.
Lender guidelines on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace:
Lender Do's and Don'ts
Terms of Use
Good Neighbor Policy

Expectations for lenders when contacted by a Zillow borrower:
  • Respond promptly to phone and email inquiries from borrowers
  • Be friendly and courteous
  • Be prepared to honor the quote submitted on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace
  • Be willing to educate the borrower
  • Answer the borrower's questions about your mortgage quote
  • Proactively discuss the borrower's timeline for needing to lock a loan 
  • Be clear with the borrower about when their rate will no longer be valid or will change. 
  • Do not add on fees that were not originally disclosed the mortgage quote
  • If you automate your quotes through an API partner, ensure that your quotes are accurate and that you stand behind them
Consequences for failing a mystery shop:
The consequences for failing a mystery shop will be the same as failing a quote flag investigation. 

  • First failed mystery shop:  Your lender account will be downgraded for 5 business days.  You will not be able to submit quotes or receive contacts from borrowers.  It is your responsibility to turn off automated quoting, if applicable.  Your Zillow account representative will follow up with you to discuss the situation.
  • Second failed mystery shop: Your account will be suspended and you will be prohibited from participating as a lender in ZMM.   After 6 months, our ZMM Quality Assurance Team will consider a petition for reinstatement.
Please contact your account representative if you have any questions or concerns.

Call 1-877-661-3171, or e-mail
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