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About Zillow Advice

What is Zillow Advice?
It's a place where owners, buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, and real estate professionals gather to ask and answer questions about real estate.

Can anyone write questions and answers?
Anyone can write questions and answers -- owners, agents, neighbors -- anyone! As long as you're a registered Zillow user, you can join the conversation.

Can I write questions or answers anonymously?
Sorry -- you cannot leave anonymous questions or answers. Before asking a question about a home or answering a question, you need to register with Zillow and create a screen name. Your screen name -- and your photo, if you upload one -- will appear next to your contribution and will include a link to your profile.

Where do I ask a question?
There is a question box on all pages within Zillow Advice (i.e., "Have a question? Ask it here").

What sort of questions can I ask?
You can ask any question you want about real estate (buying, selling, owning, renting), mortgages, home improvement, or the industry in general.  All that we ask is that you stay on topic (real estate) and adhere to our Good Neighbor Policy.

Can I answer a question?
Yes, you can answer any question by clicking the "Answer" link under the question you'd like to answer.

If I post a question, will I be identified?

Your question or answer will include your screen name, a link to your Zillow profile page, and your photo, if you added one.

Can I contact someone who posted a question or answer?
If you open the user's profile page and you see a "Contact Me" button, then click the button and you will be taken to a contact form. If there is no "Contact Me" button on their profile page, it means the user has opted out of being contacted. A user may also list their phone number.

What if I see a question or answer that has objectionable content, or advertising content?
Please click the "Flag content" link under the question or answer, and Zillow Customer Support will review it.

What is considered spam in Zillow Advice?

Zillow Advice is a place for Zillow users to discuss real estate topics (such as buying, selling, renting, and remodeling homes) and Zillow-specific topics (such as questions and comments about Zillow features). It is not a place for advertising. Any self-promotional content that is posted will be considered spam and will be removed by a moderator. We'd also like to keep the discussions on topic. Off-topic posts will be reviewed and may be deleted.

What is considered off-topic?
Off-topic content is anything that doesn't relate to the original thread or subject matter. For example, if a user asks a question about Zestimates in a thread relating to marketing ideas for sellers, that would be considered off-topic.

Can I edit my post?
Yes. Once you click "Submit," you have approximately five minutes to make any changes to your post.

Can I delete the thread or response that I created?
No, sorry, you can't. However, if there is a comment that violates our Good Neighbor Policy, you can flag it (click the flag icon) and Zillow Customer Support will be notified, review it, and possibly have it removed.

Will I be notified if someone posts a response to the thread that I created?
Yes, you have the option of being notified when new answers are posted to your question or discussion.

By Diane Tuman
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