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Agent Reviews and Ratings FAQ

What are agent reviews and ratings?
It is when former, potential or existing clients of real estate agents can write a review and rate agents on Zillow.

Why are you offering this service?
We get more than 70 million* visitors every month, and many have not yet found a real estate agent.  Since Zillow's goal has always been to empower consumers with information about real estate, we feel reviews and ratings of local agents can be an incredibly useful tool to help consumers choose an agent.

As an agent, why would I want a client to review and rate me?
Think of it as getting an endorsement or a referral. Great agents will flourish with this feature and are sure to grow their business.

How can I get a client to review and rate me?

There are three easy ways. First, sign into your Zillow account, go to your Zillow Profile and select "Request a review." A form will appear where you can ask for reviews three ways:

o   Email individual clients with a link to a review form on Zillow. To streamline this process, you can pre-populate the form with the address of the home you helped them buy or sell, and fill in the service you provided (buyer's agent, seller's agent, etc).

o   Email multiple clients using one general form (up to 50 email addresses allowed per day). Each of your clients will get an email from you, with a link to the agent review request form.

o   Send a client a direct link to your review form. Cut and paste the URL that goes directly to a review for you.

What if I don't want to be reviewed or rated on Zillow?
You have that choice. Only agents with Zillow Profiles can be rated and reviewed, so if you don't want to be reviewed, you can remove your Zillow profile. But, we highly encourage you to allow reviews and ratings of your services so potential clients can learn about you, which could lead to more business.

How does the review and rating system work? 
Reviewers can enter remarks about an agent in a free-form review box. Reviewers can also rate the agent on several criteria: local knowledge, process expertise, responsiveness, and negotiation skills. Ratings run on a scale of 1 to 5, indicating how likely a consumer is to recommend an agent with 5 "very likely" and 1 "very unlikely." An agent's overall rating is then calculated by averaging the "likelihood to recommend" rating with the 4 sub-ratings (local knowledge, process expertise, responsiveness, and negotiation skills). The ratings and reviews appear on the agent's profile.

Can anyone write a review?
Only buyers and sellers who have communicated, or worked with an agent can write a review and submit a rating on that agent. Note that we do provide a Service Provided category for "Never responded to my inquiry" for cases where a Reviewer contacts an agent but does not receive a response. So, reviews may be left for cases of "attempted contact". Reviewers must register and create a profile on Zillow, then indicate the appropriate "Service Provided" option: the agent helped them buy or sell a home, or both, they shopped but didn't buy, listed but didn't sell, etc. A review cannot be submitted for an agent "on the other side" of the transaction. For example, we would not permit a review from a home buyer left for the agent representing the home seller. Zillow will determine whether such a relationship exists at our discretion and based solely on information contained in the review itself, or upon subsequent requests for clarification from the Reviewer, where we deem such clarification necessary.

Are these reviews moderated before they are posted?
Absolutely. A dedicated team of specially trained moderators will evaluate all reviews before they are published. Reviews must adhere to Zillow's Good Neighbor Policy and Review Guidelines, which means all contributed content must be respectful and appropriate. Content that we feel is inappropriate, off-topic, or not useful will not be published.

As an agent, will I be alerted when someone reviews me?
Yes, as soon as a review is published on Zillow, agents will receive an email notification. Agents then have the option to respond to the review if they so choose. The email will also include links to Facebook and Twitter so you can share your review.

Will I know who has reviewed me?
When you receive an email notifying you of a review, you can see the username and profile of the person who has reviewed you, and, if provided, the address where the service was provided and the approximate sale price, if a home was bought and sold, as well as the year the transaction took place.

What if I don't like my review? Can I delete my reviews?
Reviews cannot be individually deleted; however, agents have the opportunity to respond to any reviews published.  If an agent feels a review does not meet our review guidelines or any of our other applicable policies, the review can be flagged for re-moderation by Zillow's moderators. At any time, agents can opt out of being rated by deleting their Zillow profile. This will remove all reviews and presence from Zillow.

Can I dispute my review? It's totally bogus!
Agents can respond publicly on the site to any review they receive. Additionally, reviews can be flagged for Zillow to re-moderate.

What happens after I flag a review? Will Zillow contact me?
After you flag a review it is re-moderated by our customer service team, who may then contact you for more information.

Do you offer ratings of other real estate professionals?
Yes. We have more than 64,000 reviews* for lenders on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace. Our analysis shows that lenders with reviews get substantially more contacts as opposed to those without reviews. Also, lenders with high ratings (4-5 stars) get twice as many contacts.

As an agent, can I rate other agents that I have worked with?
No, only buyers and sellers who have who have communicated, or worked with an agent can participate.

* Source: Google Analytics, January 2014. Includes Web and mobile unique users.
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