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Auto Tweeting Your Zillow Activities

You can automatically tweet your Zillow activities to your Twitter stream using a tool called TwitterFeed. Here's how:

1. If you don't already have a Twitter account, create one (

2. If you don't already have an OpenID, create one (

3. Go to and sign in w/your OpenID. It will take you to "New Feed" page. You will need you Zillow activity feed URL to paste into this section.

4. To get your Zillow activity feed URL, open another browser window. Go to your Zillow profile page:

5. Scroll down to your Recent Contributions.

6. With your mouse, right click on the RSS icon and click Copy (IE) or Copy Link Location (Firefox)

7. Go back to and enter the Feed Name and RSS feed URL. Click "Advanced Settings" to select frequency to check for new posts (e.g., 30 minutes, 1 hour), preferred link shortener and other settings.  Add something connected to Zillow to prefix your posts (e.g., "I just posted on Zillow")

8. Click "Continue to Step 2" - Configure Publishing Services page. Click on each of the available services (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and authenticate your account.

9. You will be redirected to Twitter, Facebook and asked to "Deny" or "Allow" Twitterfeed access. Click Allow for each.

10. Add Available Services (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, etc.), Then click "All done."

You're done! (Wasn't that simple?)

Now try it out. On Zillow, answer a question or upload a picture. Within the time period you set, you should see your activity tweeted into your Twitter stream. If something you do on Zillow shows up on your profile's activity feed, it will now show up in your Twitter, Facebook, etc., streams.\

By Diane Tuman
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  • Last edited October 12 2012

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