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Claim Your Home

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    What is it?

    Simply, it means finding your home on Zillow, proving that you own the house, and claiming it as yours. You own it -- so stake your claim!

    Why Use it?

    How do I claim it?

    Once you sign in and register, simply type in your address in the search field, click on your address on the map, then click "Correct home facts." Next, you'll be prompted to verify ownership of the home.

    What does "claiming by name verification" mean?

    It means you select your name from the dropdown list of randomly selected names in order to claim ownership. If you do not see your name, click "Don't see your name? Go here." This will allow you to claim ownership by entering your name and phone number. (Note: If the home is co-owned, only one owner's name may appear on the list).

    What are these names in the dropdown list? Are they previous owners?

    No, they are not previous owners and they have nothing to do with your home. They are randomly generated names that we mix in with your name. This helps prevent fraud in case someone tries to claim ownership of your home.

    I don't see my name on the name verification page. What's up?

    There could be a few reasons:

    • Check the address and make sure you are on the right home -- your home.
    • If you co-own the home, check for the other owner's name.
    • Lastly, we might not have your name affiliated with the home. In this case, click "Don't see your name? Go here" next to the name verification dropdown list. This will take you to a page to enter your name and phone number.
    What if someone has already claimed ownership of my home?

    If someone has claimed ownership of your home in error, you can dispute it. Go to the home details page for your home and click on "This home has been claimed by owner." On the next page, review the choices and select a solution that fits your situation.

    How do I "unclaim" a home?

    If you claimed ownership of a home accidentally, recently sold your home, or you just want to release your claimed ownership to a home, you can release ownership by going to the home details page and clicking on the "... you have claimed this home" link, and then the "Release ownership of this home" link.

    More questions?

    See Zillow FAQs or discuss it in Zillow Advice.

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