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Facebook Marketing Apps FAQ

What are Zillow Real Estate Tabs for Facebook?
Zillow Tabs are a way for you to connect with visitors and potential clients from your Facebook page. You can add all four tabs, which include Listings Tab, Review Tab, Local Info Tab and Contact Form Tab. Learn more about Zillow's Free Facebook Tabs.

Can I add Zillow Tabs to my personal Facebook profile?
No - you can only add Zillow Tabs to your business page. Facebook does not enable adding tabs to your personal profile. However, a Facebook business page is a great place to represent your business online and connect with your community. You can think of it as a website for your business, only inside of Facebook. And, it's free!

What if I don't have a Facebook business page?
Create one! To get started, visit this link:

Do I have to install all four Zillow Tabs onto my page?
No, you can choose whichever combination of the four you like.

What if I already have a business page, will adding the tabs erase anything?
No. Adding the Zillow Tabs will not affect anything you have on your page already. If you already have a tab that shows your listings, for example, it will still be there after you install any of the Zillow Tabs.

Help! When I try to link my Facebook page to my Zillow account, I get an error message.
First, make sure you include the "http://" in front of "www" in the URL. Next, make sure your Facebook page is visible to the public - when you log in to it on Facebook, make sure there isn't a box at the top asking you to publish the page. If you're still having trouble, contact us.  

Help! I installed the tab to my business page, but it's not working.
First, make sure that you have linked your Facebook page to your Zillow account using the instructions at If you're still having trouble, contact us.

Why does my Local Information tab show an error?
Please make sure you have set a region to display local information for, using the form here: For some regions (notably Texas, Maine, and Vermont), the tabs are currently not working -  we're working on this issue.

Can I make the Local Information Tab display information for a specific city or ZIP code?
Yes. In the install steps, in the box labeled "choose a region," enter the city or ZIP code. Additionally, you can narrow to a specific neighborhood within that area.

By Diane Tuman
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