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Home Facts Information

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    Your site shows that I have 2 bedrooms, but I have 3. How can I update this information?

    Our information is compiled from public records, so we might have inaccurate numbers or outdated information. We regularly update the information as we receive it from data providers, but sometimes the data we get is just plain wrong. However, you can update your own information:

    Note: Updates to your home facts may affect your home's Zestimate® home value, or your Rent Zestimate. Any changes in your Zestimate will be seen immediately.

    I updated my home facts. Why hasn't my Zestimate value changed?

    Updates to your home facts will be factored into your home's Zestimate, but, if the updates are not significant enough to impact the home's value, your Zestimate may not change. Also, if your home has characteristics that are unique in your area, we may not be able to factor them into the valuation.

    Can I remove my home information from the site?

    No. The information we provide is public information, gathered from county records. By having access to information about other people's homes you ultimately know more about your own. This amount of information levels the playing field and leads to a more efficient real estate marketplace, which is one reason most government entities make home information public. We use detailed information on as many homes in the U.S. as possible to calculate home Zestimates and to enable you to create your own estimates of market value.

    Where do recent neighborhood transactions come from?

    We receive information about home sales from the municipal office responsible for recording real estate transactions in your area. Typically, this is the county recorder's office but also might be the records office of your city or other local government. To fix the incorrect transaction data, contact the appropriate office in your area.

    I see some land parcels outlined on the map -- where does Zillow get this information? Can I correct an incorrect parcel drawing?

    Our parcel information, which outlines the lot on which your house sits, comes from various public sources, such as the county. To correct an incorrect parcel drawing, you will have to contact your county assessor's office.

    How are comps for my house selected/calculated?

    The comparable homes (or "comps") are selected based on recent nearby sales and similar facts about your house (e.g., location, square feet, number of bedrooms, etc.). Learn more about comps.

    My house doesn't have a Zestimate. What's up?

    If your house doesn't have a Zestimate, it means we do not have transaction history around the house. This is possibly because your house is in a "non-disclosure" state (Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming) where transactions are not publicly reported. We do have access to the home details and the tax assessed value, so we are showing you that information. In addition to contributing to inefficient real estate markets, this reduced visibility into home transactions is usually the subject of local controversy, since it can result in unfair taxation.

    If the home is not in those states, it might be that we have the tax assessed value, market assessed value or tax appraised value and home information from local public records, but we do not have sales transactions from our data providers for the area. We are hoping to get that soon, so come back.

    What's a tax assessor's value?

    Depending on the jurisdiction where you live, this value could be the tax assessed value, tax appraised value, or market assessed value. This value comes from the taxing authority of the city, county or state where you live; this is not Zillow's value.

    How is neighborhood appreciation calculated?

    Appreciation is an increase in the value of property (or many properties) in an area. On Zillow, appreciation at all levels of geography (ZIP, county, state, nation) is based on the Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI). This is the median Zestimate for that geographic region on any given date. Cumulative appreciation is the simple ratio between today's ZHVI and the ZHVI for a reference period (e.g., the ZHVI one, five or 10 years ago).

    How do natural disasters -- earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods, for example -- affect home values?

    Since the Zestimate is primarily affected by actual house sales, it will only change in response to events like these when homes in the affected area change hands after the disaster. Also, we don't know what homeowners may have done to fix any damage to their houses since that last time they were sold, so the Zestimate may be inaccurate following a major event.
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