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How to Quote and Set Max Click Price

How to Set Up Saved Filters

Automatically receive loan request notifications by creating a Saved Filter. Notifications will be sent to you only for loan requests that match the criteria you select.

  • Go to Loan Requests.  Input boxes and buttons in the left column allow you to filter loan requests based on location, max click price, loan amount, loan purpose, borrower credit score, LTV, time on Zillow, loan type, occupancy type, property type, and borrower eligibility (for VA loans).
  • Select the criteria that matches loans you want to quote. 
  • In the Max Click Price box, enter the maximum price you're willing to pay for clicks from these loan requests. Current click prices appear on the right side of each loan request summary on this page.
  • Click the "Save Filters" button at the top of the page. (You must be signed in as a registered lender for the "Save Filters" button to appear.)
  • A box will pop up prompting you for a filter name and a notification type.
  • If you select E-mail as your notification type, your contacts will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your Zillow account  
  • If you select HTTP Post, you will be prompted to enter the URL provided by your automated quote API provider. Your contacts will be posted to this URL.  
  • You will only receive notifications for loan requests that match the criteria you select, including those that are less than or equal to the maximum click price you indicated in your Saved Filters.
  • Submit quotes, then wait for borrowers to contact you.  It's that easy!

Tip: Regularly monitor click prices

Since prices for borrower clicks continually adjust based on lender demand, make sure to regularly monitor prices so you don't miss out on valuable loan requests and contacts from borrowers. 

For example, you set filters at: Max Click Price of $2, a credit rating of 700 , and a loan-to-value of less than 80%. A loan request that fits this criteria may have been priced at $2 yesterday, but due to strong lender demand, it increased to $3 today.

When prices adjust, you won't receive any notification from us, but instead, you might notice a drop in the number of loan requests or clicks you receive.

To make sure you quote all of the loan requests that hit your sweet spot, we suggest that you:
By Diane Tuman

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