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Lender Testimonials

"So far, I've closed more than 100 loans with borrowers I quoted on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace.  I have a 50% contact to close ratio, and I have several loans lined up to close in the next week or two.  The quality of the borrowers on Zillow is much higher than on other sites. Borrowers on Zillow seem to trust me more from the beginning due to my reviews and how I responded to a negative rating.  All in all, I am extremely happy with Zillow Mortgage Marketplace."   
David Lazowski, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., Boston, MA

"I started quoting on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace six or seven month ago, and I'm steadily converting 30-40% of every contact made through Zillow into a closed loan.  My contact rate has increased since Zillow began charging, as I expected it would, since fewer lenders are quoting.  I've spent around $375 on fees and started six new loans with net revenues in excess of $10K, so the ROI can't be beat as a lead source for connecting with consumers I otherwise would not be able to reach."
Patrick Nolan , Atlantic Pacific Mortgage Corp., Holicong, PA  

"In my first 3 days of quoting on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace, I received 6 contacts via email, and I already have one going to docs, another approved, one being submitted today and possibly a purchase loan, too. I like quoting the loan requests with $30-$40 contact prices, because the number of quotes drops off significantly and the quality of the loan scenario is usually better.  I've been very impressed and pleased with the interactions I've had with borrowers from Zillow."
Aaron Knutson , Milestone Mortgage, San Ramon, CA 

By Diane Tuman

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