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Photo Uploading Tips

Upload Image

    What our photo upload feature supports

    Currently, our photo upload feature supports a number of image formats, including JPG, GIF, BMP, FPX, PNG, PSD, and TIF. (Note: LAB color space is not supported.) Only photos smaller than 25MB can be uploaded.

    Preferred sizes and formats by feature

    Home Details page:

    • The maximum dimensions allowed for an image is 2048 x 1536 pixels, with a minimum dimension of 1024 x 768 pixels. There isn't a resolution limit (just a size limit of 25MB), but we do recommend using the 2048 x 1536 size -- bigger is better.
    • Images under 200k can be uploaded, but a message will appear, warning the small size will result in poor quality images.


    • The optimal dimensions for the image is 180 x 180 pixels.
    • The best aspect ratio is 4:3 (height:width).

    Showcase Ads:

    • The maximum dimensions allowed for the image is 140 x 70 pixels.
    • The best aspect ratio for a Showcase Ads image is 2:1 (width:height). This will fill up the image space in the ad most effectively.
    • The largest file size that can be uploaded is 25 MB.
    • To upload a photo, you must have all necessary rights to use the photo in this way, and to grant Zillow the rights in the Showcase Ads terms.
    • All photos and images must conform to Zillow's ad content guidelines.

    Tips on how to make your photos smaller

    One of the best ways to reduce the size of your photos is to resize them. There are many free online services, such as:

    • Resizr, is a free online image crop website. It will help you convert, crop, rotate, or edit your image.
    • Google's Picasa is a free tool for organizing, editing, and sharing your photos. Picasa can also help you resize your photos.
    • Another popular free tool for manipulating photos is IrfanView. This tool has batch processing for resizing multiple photos. 
    • If you don't want to install any new software on your computer, there are several Web sites that will resize your photos for you, including,, and Typically, you upload your photo and select a new photo size. The resized photo is displayed in your Web browser, where you can save it back to your computer.
    • For Mac users, we suggest you review this Easy resizing tutorial.

    By Diane Tuman

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