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Posting and Make Me Move Homes on Zillow

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    Who can post homes for sale on Zillow?

    Only the homeowner and the real estate agent representing the home can post it for sale. Learn more about posting homes for sale on Zillow.

    How can I post my home for sale on Zillow?

    Two ways:
    • Hover over the "Homes" tab and click "Post home for sale" in the  dropdown menu.
    • Or, go to the "Homes" tab on Zillow, type the address of the home in the search field. Click "Go." Click the address in the map result and then click "Post home for sale."
    Or, if you're a real estate professional, send them to us -- for free -- through a listings feed.

    What is the cost to post a home for sale on Zillow?
    It's free to post a home for sale on Zillow and the listing will appear for 60 days. A home listed by agents enrolled in Zillow's Premier Agent program is promoted as a Featured Listing and gets sorted to the top of search results, where it receives three times more traffic than standard listings.

    What are the benefits of a Featured Listing?
    • Featured Listings get sorted to the top of the search results in your area
    • Featured Listings drive about 3x more traffic compared to standard listings
    • Listings are also featured on Zillow Mobile, the most popular suite of mobile real estate apps across all major platforms.  In December 2013, 275 million homes were viewed on Zillow Mobile -- that's 103 homes per second. Each month, more homes are viewed on Zillow via mobile device than on the desktop.*

    Who gets Featured Listings?

    • Premier Agents (Find out more about Premier Agent Advertising)
    • Agents working with partnered brokers also get featured listing treatment for their listings
    How can I post my home on Zillow if I can't even find it on your site?

    As you go through the process of posting your home for sale or setting a Make Me Move price, just enter the address, pinpoint the home's location on the map and the home will be added to the site. You can do this for any home for sale in the U.S. or you can set a Make Me Move price, even if the home is not currently in our database. Learn more about Make Me Move.

    How do I update information or add photos to my posting?

    You can update the sale price or status of your home by clicking "Edit" on your home details page. (You must be signed in).

    How do I change the address?
    Once you complete your purchase you CANNOT change your address. Make sure you put in the correct address the first time!

    My home has an offer! How do I show this on Zillow?

    From your home details page, click "Edit," select "Edit Status," then "Pending."

    My home just sold! How do I remove the posting?

    From your home details page, click "Edit," select "Edit Status," then "Sold."

    I want to take my house off the market -- how do I remove the posting?

    From your home details page, click "Edit," then "Edit Status," then "No longer for sale."

    Why isn't my listing appearing within a search for a nearby city?

    If your home is not within the city limits, or within the boundaries we have for your area, your listing will not appear if someone searches by city name; it will only appear in a ZIP code or county search.

    Why are old listings appearing on homes that are no longer for sale?

    It's because the home's listing information came through a listing feed by a real estate brokerage, real estate agent, or a listings aggregator and the information was not updated from that source. Look at the provider of the "For Sale by" information on the home details page and contact that person to have the information updated for that home. Learn more about Zillow Listings Feed.

    Do you allow commercial properties or businesses to be posted for sale?

    No. Only residential properties can be posted for sale at this time.

    Can I post my home for sale and for rent at the same time?

    Not yet, but we're working on it!

    Oops. I meant to post my home for rent, not for sale. How do I change it?
    To do this, you must cancel your for-sale listing and create a new ad to post your home for rent.

    Follow these steps to remove a listing and create new one:
    • Go to My Zillow, then Listings. Find your listing and click Cancel, then "no longer for sale."
    • Click "Post for Rent" and re-enter your information.
    * Source: Google Analytics, December 2013. Includes Web and mobile unique users.

    By Diane Tuman

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