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Premier Agent Websites FAQ

What are Premier Agent Websites?
Zillow's Premier Agent Websites allow real estate agents to quickly and affordably create a custom WordPress-powered website for their personal brand and business. Premier Agent Websites include the option of an Internet Data Exchange (IDX) feed of local MLS listings and cost just $10 a month for agents not currently subscribed to Zillow's Premier Agent advertising program. Subscribing Zillow Premier Agents get a website for free.

What types of agents is this product intended for?
Premier Agent Websites can benefit any agent who wants to increase or improve their online visibility. No technical experience is required. Premier Agent Websites can benefit:

  • Agents without a current website:  A new real estate agent or one who has never invested in their own website.
  • Agents looking to upgrade their site: Some agents have a rudimentary site that was not designed for their actual profession.  By starting a Premier Agent Website, they will perhaps for the first time have live listings information, a blog and other necessities required in today's environment.
  • Agents that wish to have an additional site:  Some agents may want to have an additional, more personalized site beyond what may have been furnished for them.  Due to the attractive price and terrific features, some agents may simply want to add a site to increase exposure and then decide what works best for them in terms of benefits and business needs.
If I already have a website, do I have to switch to yours?
No – absolutely not. If you already have a great website, keep it. But, you can use Premier Agent Websites as an additional option to advertise a niche market or neighborhood.

How robust is this website?  What can I do with it?
You can cultivate traffic, provide value to clients, capture prospects and contacts, convert Internet-generated leads into clients, track and manage relationships, and so much more. No programming skills or tech-savvy expertise required. The Premier Agent Website comes with easy-to-modify designs, simple customization, plus free online training and support.

Additional features:
  • Local, map-based IDX property search of MLS-listed homes
  • City/community/school pages
  • Personalized blog
  • Ability to display video
  • Ability to add custom pages
  • A variety of widgets available at no additional cost, including mortgage calculator, reviews, search by affordability and more
  • Home page slideshow for branding and/or featured listings
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Integrated with the Zillow CRM
How do I get started?
First, sign into your Zillow account, go to your Zillow Profile  then to My Agent Hub and click on "Customize my website." Confirm your information and start to customize by choosing designs, templates, widgets and more. You can add specific MLS IDX listings to your website as well (MLS fees may apply). This blog post will get you started. Options:

  • Select a personalized domain name, or use your own existing domain name.
  • Set up a user registration form for lead capture.
  • Need training? We have lots of classes at Zillow Academy.
Are these websites search engine optimized (SEO)?
Yes.  The agent websites are SEO friendly and include:
  • Expert-designed crosslinking strategy
  • XML site map to maximize search engine crawling
  • Supports custom content to improve page rankings
Will there be advertisements on my website from Zillow?
No. Your content is owned and controlled by you. There are no advertisements on your website.

How will SEO work in relationship to Zillow -- are there links back to
Agent websites are SEO-optimized.  As far as links, agents have control in their settings and content choices over what (if any) outside links are included in their sites.

Do I have to be a current Premier Agent to get a website?  
No. If you are not a Premier Agent, you can purchase the website on its own here. But, if you are a Premier Agent, your website is already included in your package and is ready for customization.

Do I get to keep the domain name?
Yes, the domain is yours to keep even if you cancel your service with Zillow.  You will just need to transfer the domain and set up payment with your new Web host.

How does this differ from Diverse Solutions' website offerings?
The Premier Agent Website does not provide ability for plugins and CSS module or page design customization.  The Premier Agent Website provides a template to customize, not a completely customizable site.

Can users find my new Premier Agent Website on their mobile device?
Yes, as soon the site is activated, search functionality on Premier Agent Websites is optimized for mobile viewing.

Where can I get technical support?
For technical support you can email You can also live chat with a technical representative during business hours, by clicking here and then the Contact Us option at the bottom of the page.

By Diane Tuman
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  • Last edited October 12 2012

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