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Zillow API

Data Usage

Can we retrieve and store Zillow data?

A: No. You may use the API only to retrieve and display dynamic content from Zillow. You are not permitted to store information locally.

Q: Instead of using the API, can we reverse engineer a data feed or manually pull information from Zillow?

A: No. We permit third parties to retrieve data from our site only through the API. Any reverse engineering, spiders, or other techniques used to directly pull data without using the Zillow API is a violation of our Terms of Use.

Q: How do I get maps and Bird's Eye View images?

A: Zillow does not currently provide maps in its API call results. You will need to use your own mapping technology. See Yahoo!, Microsoft, or Google for map APIs you can use.

Terms of Use

What happens when my site hits 1,000 calls in a day?

A: Zillow will block your API calls while we review your site to confirm that it adheres to our Terms of Use. Upon passing this audit, Zillow will increase your call limit and reactivate your ZWSID.

Q: How can we increase the call limit now?

A: Please request a higher call limit by filling out a request form. If you are not signed in, you'll be asked to do that first.

How many API calls can I have on the same page?

A:You can run up to 20 API calls on one page at one time.

Can I use the key for multiple sites or give it to another person?

A: No, but you can increase your call limit by filling out a request form. If you are not signed in, you'll be asked to do that first.

Can I register for multiple ZWSIDs in order to avoid the 1,000 call limit restriction?

A: No. Zillow will be tracking IP addresses in addition to ZWSIDs, so you will not be able to avoid the call limits by requesting additional ZWSIDs. If you need more calls, please request them by filling out a request form. If you are not signed in, you'll be asked to do that first.


Q: Does Zillow provide sample scripts for the coding necessary to pull the API data?

A: At this time, Zillow provides sample API calls, but does not provide the sample scripts for pulling data from the call results. These scripts will depend upon the language you are using and your specific output preferences. Please check the API resources page and the Forum for Member-provided information regarding scripts.

Does Zillow provide a developer kit for other languages (Java, Perl, etc.)?

A: Zillow is working to create additional developer documentation, but currently provides a guide for XML only. Please check the API resources page for additional information.

Can I share my API application with others?

A:You may share any information that you desire with other API Network Members on the Forum. However, you may not share your ZWSID.

Q: Who at Zillow can help me with development?

A: Please post technical questions in the Forum.


Q: Can we build an API application for a back-end function that has no end-user interface?

A: No. Zillow requires links back to Zillow as outlined in our documentation. A back-end function cannot meet this requirement.

Can we build an API application that has no links back to Zillow?

A: No. Zillow requires links back to Zillow as outlined in our documentation.

What happens if the search can't find the home?

A: The API will either return other home addresses that closely resemble the searched address or will not return any value if no match is found.

What happens if Zillow changes the API?

A: Zillow will aim to meet the needs of the API Network by working to support legacy API calls. It is in our best interest to ensure that your APIs continue to function in the future. At the same time, Zillow reserves the right to change the API code at any time.

Administrative / Legal
I lost my ZWSID. How can I get it again?

A: Go to the API Home Page and click on the "Forgot my ZWSID" link.

I signed up for the Home Valuation API, but not the Property Details API. I've changed my mind and would like both. Do I need to get a new ZWSID?

A: No. You may log in again and request the Property Details API. Your ZWSID will remain the same, but will now permit you to run Home Valuation and Property Details API calls.

Can I sign up for only the Property Details API?

A: No. You may sign up for only the Home Valuation API or both APIs. However, you are not required to use both on your site.

Will Zillow sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to discuss a possible partnership, or can I explore other partnership opportunities with Zillow?

A: Zillow does not have the resources necessary to discuss more involved partnerships with API Network Members at this time. While you are welcome to contact us with a proposal, it is unlikely that we will be able to pursue further partnership opportunities.

Q: Will there be more APIs?

A: Zillow plans to continue to provide innovative APIs in the future in order to improve your Web site user experience. Please check our Web site regularly for more information.

Will Zillow be charging me in the future to use the API?

A: No. Zillow has no intention of charging any party for any use of the API.


The terms say that I cannot send out a press release without Zillow approval. Can I post to a blog without Zillow approval?

A: Yes. You may post to a blog to publicize your launch.

Q: Can I market or advertise, either on or off of my site, the integration of Zillow tools on my site?

A: Yes. You may market or advertise the Zillow API integration as long as you adhere to our Terms of Use.

By Diane Tuman
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