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Zillow Mortgage Marketplace Charging Model FAQ

What changes are being made on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace?
We are changing the way we charge lenders to participate in Zillow Mortgage Marketplace (ZMM). Starting in the next few weeks, all phone and email contacts from borrowers will be free. Lenders will now be charged when a borrower clicks to a lender's quote details page, where borrowers can find all of a lender's contact information and reach them directly.

Why are you making this change?

We are making this change to better align with the more-understood Internet practice of a pay-per-click model.

When will this new charging model be launched?

We will be making these changes in the next few weeks. Lenders will receive another email a few days before the updates to ZMM take place.

How much are clicks going to cost?

The cost of a click model will vary depending on market demand, but initial click prices will be 10% or less (from $0 to $7) than the current contact price model.  Lenders will not be charged for duplicate clicks.

How is a click counted?

A click is counted when a borrower clicks to a lender's quote details page to view more information about a lender's quote and to see the lender's contact information. The quote detail pages will continue to be optimized to drive phone and email contact to the lenders.  We will not charge for duplicate clicks.

Can lenders include links to their website on a quote?

Yes. If a borrower clicks one of the links to the lender's website, the lender will be charged the same price as a click to the quote detail page.   Lenders will only be charged once if a borrower views a quote detail page and then clicks through to the website (or vice versa).

Will borrowers be affected by this change?

No. Borrowers will not be affected. They will still enjoy making loan requests free and anonymously and will receive loan quotes from many confirmed lenders on Zillow.

As a lender, what do I need to do to get set up?

Most lenders won't have to do anything. We will update the "Max Price" filters on existing saved searches on Zillow so lenders can continue quoting the same loan requests they do now. However, if lenders have price filters set up on a quote provider's system, they may want to update their "Max Price" filters to be 10% of their current settings.

Can I dispute clicks?

Individual clicks are not disputable. If you see unusual click patterns, contact us at and we will look into it. 

Will I still be able to dispute Customer-Initiated Contacts (CIC) from the old pricing model?

You will be able to dispute old CiC contacts until they are beyond the 30-day dispute window. Since all new contacts will be free, you will not need to dispute any contacts after the changes are live.

How will I see how many clicks I am getting?

After the new charging structure is in place, you can go to the transaction history page in the Lender Billing section and query over any time period to see the number of clicks you've received and the average cost per click in that time period.

How do I get a refund?

Zillow will refund any unused portion to your account at any time.  You can turn off your quoting through your auto quote provider at any time or you can request a refund from Zillow at any time.  Zillow will process your refund request within two weeks.  Contact for details.

Do I need to fund my account differently?

No, you fund your account and quote in the same way.  You will continue to receive contacts the same way you have received them in the past.

If you have any additional questions, please contact or 1-877-661-3171.

By Diane Tuman
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  • Last edited October 12 2012

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