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Zillow Refer-an-Agent Program Terms and Conditions

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    Please read these Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") before participating in the Zillow "Refer-An-Agent" Program (the "Program"). By participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by these Terms and represent that you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements below.

    Eligibility: The Program is open only to: (A) current Zillow Premier Agents who are currently subscribed to a Premier Platinum plan (a "Premier Agent"), who purchased their Premier Agent plan through a Zillow inside sales consultant or via self-serve on the Zillow website, and who have a Zillow account paid up and in good standing; and (B) current lenders on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace (each, a "ZMM Lender") who have either: (i) provided a loan quote on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace within the last thirty (30) days; or (ii) have had funds in their Zillow lender account within the last thirty (30) days. For purposes of these Terms, an individual who is a Premier Agent and/or a ZMM Lender shall be a "Zillow Client." Zillow employees' immediate family members, and/or those living in the same household as a Zillow employee, are not eligible.

    Definition of Referral:  A "Referral" shall be any real estate agent who purchases a Premier Platinum plan for a minimum of two (2) months under which the agent spends a minimum of $50 per month; and (a) if purchased through a Zillow inside sales consultant, provides to the Zillow inside sales consultant (at the time of purchase) the name of a Zillow Client that referred the real estate agent to Zillow, or, (b) if purchased via self-serve on the Zillow website, sends an email including the purchasing agent's name, the plan purchased, the date of such purchase and the name of the Zillow Client that referred the real estate agent to Zillow to within 24 hours of the purchase. If a Referral purchases a Zillow Premier Agent Platinum subscription for a minimum of twelve (12) months, the Referral will receive a twenty-five percent (25%) discount off of the standard rate for the initial term of such plan.

    Exclusions: Notwithstanding the foregoing, a Referral will not include an individual who: (i) has been a Premier Agent at any time in the past; (ii) has been contacted by a Zillow sales representative within two (2) weeks prior to filling out the Lead Form; or (iii) has been on a Zillow Premier Agent waitlist at any time in the past.

    Referral Bonus: In return for the first three (3) Referrals provided to Zillow by a Zillow Client during a calendar year, Zillow will provide the Zillow Client with an Gift Card (a "Gift Card") valued at one hundred dollars ($100) for each Referral. In return for the fourth Referral on during the same calendar year, a Zillow Client will receive a Gift Card valued at one-hundred and fifty dollars ($150) for each Referral. Gift Cards will be sent to the email address associated with the Zillow Client's account on Zillow.

    There is no limit to the number of Referrals that a Zillow Client may provide. Zillow Clients are prohibited from selling or offering to sell their Gift Cards. Zillow reserves the right to substitute compensation of equal or greater value in its sole discretion.

    Gift Cards: Gift Cards are subject to the Gift Card Terms and Conditions, located at: (the " Terms"). Gift Cards may only be redeemed toward the purchase of eligible products on and certain affiliated websites, as provided in the Terms. Gift Cards cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value or redeemed for cash, except to the extent required by law.  Zillow will provide each Zillow Client's email address to, Inc. ("") for the sole purpose of emailing the Gift cards.

    Taxes: All federal, state and local taxes payable with respect to Zillow Clients' receipt of Gift Cards under the Program are the sole responsibility of recipient Zillow Clients. By participating in the Program, Zillow Clients providing Referrals hereunder agree to provide Zillow with all required documentation necessary for tax reporting purposes. Without limitation, each Zillow Client who provides more than four (4) Referrals in a calendar year will be required to provide Zillow with a completed Form W-9 prior to receiving a Gift Card for their fourth (4th) Referral or any other Referral thereafter.

    Payment Terms: Zillow will provide each Zillow Client with their Gift Card within a reasonable time after the date on which the corresponding Referral has been a Zillow Client, fully paid and in good standing, for two (2) months. For purposes of clarity, a Zillow Client will not receive a Gift Card for any Referral who: (i) cancels their Zillow Premier Agent plan before paying Zillow for two (2) months; or (ii) is not otherwise in good standing on Zillow. Furthermore, Zillow reserves the right not to provide a Gift Card to any Zillow Client who is not in good standing on Zillow.

    Changes to Terms: Zillow may amend, suspend or terminate the Program at any time, with or without notice to participating Zillow Clients. Zillow's sole liability following any such termination shall be to provide Gift Cards to Zillow Clients who made qualifying Referrals prior to the termination of the Program.

    General: By participating in the Program, each Zillow Client agrees to these Terms and waives, and releases Zillow and Zillow's parents, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies, and all other businesses involved in this Program, as well as the employees, officers, directors and agents of each, from, all claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Program or delivery, misdelivery, acceptance, possession, use of or inability to use the compensation (including, without limitation, claims, costs, injuries, losses and damages related to personal injuries, death, damage to or destruction of property, whether intentional or unintentional), whether under a theory of contract, tort (including negligence), warranty or other theory. Any provision of these Terms deemed unenforceable will be enforced to the extent permissible, and the remainder of these Terms will remain in effect. The Program and these Terms will be governed, construed and interpreted under the laws of the state of Washington.

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