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St Nicholas-St Mary's School

242 South Washington Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701
(570) 823-8089

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Private Grades PK-8 379 students 19 students/teacher (PA avg is 15)

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St Nicholas-St Mary's School is a private middle school in Wilkes-Barre. The principal of St Nicholas-St Mary's School is Sr Mary Catherine Slattery. 379 students go to St Nicholas-St Mary's School and identify primarily as White, non-Hispanic; Asian; and Asian/Pacific Islander. The student to teacher ratio at St Nicholas-St Mary's School is 19:1. G A R Memorial Junior-Senior High School is one of the nearest middle schools.

Extracurricular activities


  • Band
  • Chorus
  • Computer arts
  • Drawing painting
  • Orchestra
  • Theater drama

Languages Taught

  • Spanish


  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross country
  • Field hockey
  • Football
  • Golf
  • P.E. classes
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Track
  • Volleyball

Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School District
White, non-Hispanic 89% %
Asian 5% %
Asian/Pacific Islander 4% %
Hispanic 4% %
Multiracial 2% %
Black, non-Hispanic 1% %
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.3% %
Native American or Native Alaskan 0% %

Community ratings & reviews

  • (1 year ago)

    High standards...highly effective teachers...great pre k and great kids. I love sending my kids to this school and they are so happy to go. Its worth the money.

  • (1 year ago)

    Do you miss family oriented schools with high academic standards? Wish your school didn't teach to the PSSA test? Do you miss hearing Christmas songs at the Christmas play? Or are you simply terrified to send your kids into the ghetto that the WB schools have become.? We were too. Now we drop our kids off at school knowing they are safe loved happy and well educated. It's worth the cost of admission. Great school great teachers and a family atmosphere.

  • (2 years ago)

    I currently have a daughter going into 1st grade and I couldn't be happier . The quality of teachers at this school is superb and very hands on. They talk to the parents on a daily basis concerning there kids progress. The teachers keep the parents informed and encourage us all to volunteer. It's a small school so it doesn't take a long time to get to know everyone. This def. was a good fit for My daughter because she can't wait to go back to school.

  • (3 years ago)

    I as well am an alumnist of st. Nicks. I am going write an honist review telling you what to expect and trust. I have attended St. Nicks since kindergarten and proudly graduated last year. St. Nicks taught me the values of honest trust patience and compassion that is needed to be a good person. Like any other school there clics and bullies those who say there aren't are just flat out lieing. What other schools dont is our amazing teachers. Because of them I was EXCEPTIONALY well prepared fo Holy Redeemer. The St. Nicks alums were the top in the literature and English department and the 2012 validictorian AND saltatorian were graduates from St. Nicks as well as other years. Please consider St. Nicks. Its better then Good Shepherd and you won't be disappointed.

  • (3 years ago)

    I am a Student currently at St Nick's and I love it. I don't get why there are so many hate-ful comments! There are no ' clics' at our school. I've never encountered with a bullie or either have any of my friends. The teachers are very nice and helpful. I've been going there since kindergarten. I love it there and there isn't any problems with this school. Except the school lunch is pretty gross.

  • (3 years ago)

    After having my both children at this school for several years I had to pull them. We had an awful experience with a teacher that NO parent/child should ever have to put up with. I must say this is a very "clicky" school meaning if you are not part of the "group" you get treated very differently. I offered to help out at the annual winter bazaar and the "group" in charge never even had my name on the list to help out. They begged for help then when you offer to help they snub their nose at you. Just awful. The price is getting out of hand as well as every day they have their hand in your pocket for more money.

  • (3 years ago)

    I currently have two children attending St Nicks-St Mary's my oldest is entering 7th grade. The academic education they receive at this school is fabulous as are the teachers. The teachers as well as the principal are always approachable and willing to do what ever is in the best interest of your child. Financially Catholic education as a whole is getting difficult to afford. However this is well worth the sacrifice. I have read some of the comments on this site regarding the children's poor behavior at St Nicks. I have never seen this. As with any school there will always be some behavior problems. However they are addressed. When students from St Nicks interact with other schools during sports activities or social events I can honestly say I am proud of their behavior. The parents of St Nicks-St Mary's are one big family of which I am proud our family is a part of. I would strongly recommend this school to anyone who is considering Catholic or private education for their child.

  • (4 years ago)

    I am an alumnist of this school. I can honestly say it is the best education around. I am currently an elementary education major and have observed in many other schools in the area. After seeing the other programs I realized the education St. Nick's provided was above and beyond all other programs. It is a close-knit family. The teachers really get to know and care about their students. Morals and values are taught and engrained into the students. I feel i have grown as both and academic and a Catholic because of this school. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it!

  • (4 years ago)

    Both my children attend St Nicholas St Mary School. They feel very safe and extremely comfortable in this environment. They have a great academic program and the teachers keep close and guiding eyes one their students. The principal is kind yet strict old school like I like it! She is an exeptional leader and very hands-on. 35 years ago I had a great Catholic School education in a nearby county and this school is the closest i've found to that faith filled hard-working mind molding academia. Truly outstanding!

  • (4 years ago)

    My daughter has attended St Nick's St Mary's for 3 years and completely loves it! She was an extreemly shy pre-schooler and i was so nervous about the full day/5 day adjustment for her but due to the incredible teachers and nurturing staff she has flourished with confidence and intellect these past few years. I'm very excited to have my son begin pre-school there this coming fall!

  • (4 years ago)

    I love this school. I've gone here since Kindergarten. Our school has alot of extra-cirricular activities and anybody can join them. Our school is a family (an imperfect slightly dramatic one but what kind of family is perfect?) My teachers help us through our studies and problems. As a "child" I am not out of control. My classmates are not out of control. The kids at this school know how to agree to disagre and are kept under control contrary to popular belief. I'm a dyslexic teenager and still get accepted to academic programs (via standardized testing.) and it is all due to my helpful teachers. I love this school and the people I meet here. I reccomend this to anybody.

  • (4 years ago)

    I would never recommend this school to anyone. If I can rate this school lower than one star I would. The children are out of control and the teachers do not care. There are allot of clicks and bullies and girls will get slapped/punched teased tormented and NO action is taken by the principal. The principal does not want to deal with these issues. Their language is absolutely terrible. When you enter this school kids will open doors for you and greet you but that is just an act. It will wear off if you are around them within a few days. I don t feel that my child is safe happy or comfortable in this school and would advise parents to choose a better and nicer place then this.

  • (4 years ago)

    I strongly disagree with any parent that says that St. nicks is a good school. I am a former student and I am very sorry that I went here since kindergarden. There are tons of bullies and it is very hard to fit in. Did you ever hear of the saying "Don't keep up with Jones'" or something of that nature? Well everyone here does the opposite of that. Everyone has to be the next top person and I don't mean smart wise. If you are not one of the cool girls then forget it. one day I got locked in the bathroom at the end of school and ended up missing my bus because of bullies. The principal didnt do anything to the girl. nothing. I terribly regret going there and if I went somewhere else I would have been allot happier and have less of a broken heart everyday.

  • (4 years ago)

    After the closing of St Aloysius School there was limited options for Catholic education. St Nick's seemed like the best decision. Unfortunately it was the wrong one. The staff from the principle down are horrible. Unless you are in "the clic" you are treated with total disregard. They will speak to you because they have to and your money is still rolling in. Once your child encounters a problem they are labeled and will have an extremely hard time with all of the staff. Educational guidance is not present at all. Very very disappointing as I had received a full 12 year Catholic education and was hoping for the same for my child. That will not happen. Not In St. Nicholas School. That is for sure. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in this school to look elsewhere. Too bad negative star ratings aren't available.

  • (5 years ago)

    I have two children who have attended this school since kindergarten. They are receiving an EXCELLENT education. It is a warm family environment with lots to offer. I disaggree completly with the parent who posted 'the people at this school are horrible'...Maybe just maybe the child in question is the problem..or perhaps he/she heard the bad language somewhere else...TV/Bus/....I am very involved in the school..and have never had any language.disrespect issues. The kids actually hold doors for one another greet people stand and say hello when an adult enters a classroom. Not all kids are perfect they are children who need to learn and be taught. PArents however are part of the equation and need to reinforce the values they are taught in school. This is an EXCELLENT SCHOOl. My children are excelling on standardized tests and will be well prepared for high school.

  • (5 years ago)

    The people at this school are horrible. The childrens language is dispickable and my child has never head such language until going there.

  • (5 years ago)

    My son just transferred this year. Already he feels right at home. The kids do everything possible to make new kids feel welcome. Staff helps them in eveery way possible. Although food is`nt the best i must say the school is superb. Gives you a reason to want to pay for your child education.

  • (5 years ago)

    i absolutely love this school. i have been going to st. nicholas st. marys since kindergarden and i think it is an excellent learning experience. Teachers are wonderful and very helpful if you are having trouble. if u need to find a school for your child i would recommend st. nichlas st. marys school. it is a wonderful experience. i enjoyed all of the extracurricular activities they have.

  • (5 years ago)

    My son attended this school from kindergarten through sixth grade. If your well to do and can contribute skads of time and money your child will be well received.. If it's quality education your seeking.. Seek elsewhere.. And as far as the teaching staff.. They won't do anymore than their expected.. And that's very little

  • (5 years ago)

    My children have attended for the past twelve years and will continue to do so for three more years. They have been extremely well-prepared for high school and beyond. They teachers are very dedicated and helpful and the entire administration is committed to the best education possible for the students. I would absolutely recommend SN-SM School to anyone.

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