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We're here to help you get the most out of Zillow. Use these educational resources to expand your marketing opportunities, and learn how to implement Zillow's products with guidance and advice from industry experts. Zillow Academy offers a variety of online webinars, tutorials and presentations designed to help your business succeed.

Upcoming Webinars

Friday Feb 27th 10am PT/1pm ET

Grow Your Business Together with Lender Co-Marketing

Join Andrew Hafzalla, director of industry outreach, and Adam Wilson, product specialist team lead, for an in-depth look at the Lender Co-Marketing program on Zillow. In this webinar, we'll discuss the features and benefits of the program, the advantages for your business, and other topics including:

  • How and when to select the right lender for you
  • Lender placement alongside your advertising on Zillow
  • Maximum lender contribution amounts
  • Industry compliance considerations


Wednesday March 4th 10am PT/1pm ET

Effective Strategies for Print Marketing

Join Andrew Hafzalla, director of industry outreach, and Brian Hopper, Seattle-based real estate agent, to learn about the enduring value of print mail in today's real estate market. In this webinar, we'll discuss ways that mailers, such as fliers and post cards, remain relevant and effective ways to farm your local target market. In addition, the webinar will cover:

  • Key metrics Brian's team uses when sending mailers
  • Tips and tricks to modernize your print marketing
  • How to download free, customizable postcard templates

Plus, enter for a chance to win 10,000 postcards from Zillow and Vistaprint! Enter here: http://zlw.re/RiseAboveSweeps


Friday March 6th 10am PT/1pm ET

Establish Yourself as the Local Expert with Reviews and Past Sales

Join Andrew Hafzalla, director of industry outreach, and Joey Duwe, senior account manager, for a look at the two key drivers for success on Zillow. Reviews establish credibility and trust, highlight your services, and give consumers a sense of your style before contacting you. Including past sales allows buyers and sellers to see your successes in particular neighborhoods. In this webinar, we'll explain the best practices for maximizing these two features along with:

  • The three most effective ways to request reviews on Zillow
  • Review script templates that get results
  • The importance of responding to reviews
  • A tutorial on how and when to add past sales


Tuesday March 10th 10am PT/1pm ET

The Phoenix Real Estate Guy: A Blogging Success Story

Join Andrew Hafzalla, director of industry outreach as he interviews Jay Thompson, director of industry outreach and social media, about his incredible blogging success. Learn how Jay's blog received over 1,000,000 total visitors and generated 9,000 leads in 2011. Jay will share his personal story and discuss how you too can leverage blogging to attract a vast audience of readers – and potential leads – who share an interest in real estate. We'll also cover:

  • The role of blogging in the real estate industry
  • How a single blog can receive national recognition
  • Lead generation through blogging


Wednesday March 11th 10am PT/1pm ET

Converting Foreclosure Contacts

Join Andrew Hafzalla, director of industry outreach, and Miles Semanskee, senior account manager, for a look at the best ways to convert more Zillow foreclosure leads into closings. In addition to the information provided by our Zillow hosts, the webinar will include video footage from successful agents in the program. This webinar is designed to help guide you through proven strategies for achieving success. We'll cover these topics and more:

  • How foreclosure contacts are different than other leads
  • Scripts to get the conversation started
  • Instrumental follow-up tricks and techniques
  • CRM options to help nurture and convert contacts


Thursday March 19th 10:30am PT/1:30pm ET

Understanding Zillow Foreclosure Advertising

Join Andrew Hafzalla, director of industry outreach, and Jesse Fader, pre-market sales consultant, for an in-depth explanation of Zillow's foreclosure product. Hear how agents all over the country are connecting with a new set of consumers, and driving more business and using this unique product to help fill their pipeline in 2015. The webinar will also cover:

  • How foreclosure advertising differs from Premier Agent® advertising
  • The key components necessary to drive results
  • Using CRMs to convert foreclosure contacts
  • Costs and benefits of joining the program


Friday March 20th 10:30am PT/1:30pm ET

Connecting Your Zillow Reviews to Your Website

Join Andrew Hafzalla, director of industry outreach, and Sara Bonert, vice president of broker services, to learn how to leverage and connect your Zillow reviews to your personal website. This new feature is designed to help further enhance your existing website by showcasing your hard-earned Zillow reviews. In addition, we'll discuss:

  • The power of reviews as an industry marketing tool
  • Easy steps to utilize Zillow's review API and widgets
  • How to connect your broker website vs. your custom site