Zillow Can Help!


"I truly enjoy the time and dedication you put into these webinars, and I can honestly say that I have gained an incredible amount of value and education from them. Because of your hard work and the Zillow Academy I have truly become a better student of this crazy business that I love. People tell me that my enthusiasm is evident and because of people like you, and companies like Zillow, I have an opportunity to grow my business professionally and enjoy my personal life more with my family and friends."

Larry McKenna

Coldwell Banker
Ronkonkoma, NY

"I am writing to thank you for always putting positive energy in all your work and the classes at Zillow Academy, and to let you know that it has an impact. You are definately prepared--- you know your subjects, and you're completely focused on your listeners and on making it beneficial to them on their level of understanding. During your webinars there is never a feeling that "anything" is being 'sold to us' although your positive reflection of Zillow does sell... and for all the right reasons. Thank you for making a difference in my business and in others."

Sheila Lawrence

Coldwell Banker
Sebastopol, CA