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Moving has a profound impact on brand trial, product and service purchases. Zillow reaches a large audience of movers: Nearly 29 MILLION, or 52%, of Zillow visitors are moving within two years!

Zillow discovered just how powerful this audience is through an independent study conducted by Ipsos. Here’s a snapshot of what we learned:


-- Movers were 90% more likely to purchase a vehicle within 12 months

-- 53% of movers were more likely to purchase an additional vehicle, rather than a replacement vehicle, than non-movers.

Types of vehicles purchased:

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Movers either switched brands or started using a new brand when they moved:

Financial Services

Movers opened or closed an account as a result of moving:
Movers added, removed or changed financial services as a result of moving:

Home Improvement & Services

Movers were 63% more likely to make ANY home improvement updates:
-- Nearly 3x more likely to add/alter a media room
-- More than 2x more likely to add/alter a bedroom or remodel their kitchen
-- Nearly 2x more likely to completely remodel the exterior
Movers purchased more home improvement products than non-movers:
-- Nearly 6x more likely to install a home security system/alarm
-- 2.5x-5x more likely to purchase new appliances (top picks: oven, clothes dryer, kitchen range)
-- Nearly 4x more likely to establish/change/cancel cable TV with premium channels

Electronics & Technology

These tech products were purchased by movers as a result of moving:
  • For more study details, please contact fieldsales@zillow.com
  • Sources: Zillow Internal; Independent study conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Zillow, Inc.

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