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Moving has a profound impact on brand trial, product and service purchases. Zillow reaches a large audience of movers: Over 19 MILLION, or 52%, of Zillow visitors are moving within two years!

Zillow discovered just how powerful this audience is through an independent study conducted by Ipsos. Here’s a snapshot of what we learned:


-- Movers were 90% more likely to purchase a vehicle within 12 months

-- 53% of movers were more likely to purchase an additional vehicle, rather than a replacement vehicle, than non-movers.

Types of vehicles purchased:

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
Movers either switched brands or started using a new brand when they moved:
Financial Services
Movers opened or closed an account as a result of moving:
Movers added, removed or changed financial services as a result of moving:
Home Improvement & Services
Movers were 63% more likely to make ANY home improvement updates:
-- Nearly 3x more likely to add/alter a media room
-- More than 2x more likely to add/alter a bedroom or remodel their kitchen
-- Nearly 2x more likely to completely remodel the exterior
Movers purchased more home improvement products than non-movers:
-- Nearly 6x more likely to install a home security system/alarm
-- 2.5x-5x more likely to purchase new appliances (top picks: oven, clothes dryer, kitchen range)
-- Nearly 4x more likely to establish/change/cancel cable TV with premium channels


Electronics & Technology
These tech products were purchased by movers as a result of moving:
  • For more study details, please contact fieldsales@zillow.com
  • Sources: Zillow Internal; Independent study conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Zillow, Inc.

Want to learn more? Contact a sales representative today


Want to learn more? Contact a sales representative today


Zillow Audience
Monthly unique users(1)
(as of January 2014)
70 million
Year-over-year growth 52%
Median household income(2) $76,161
Median age(2) 46
Zillow Attracts Buyers
Zillow consumers' average credit score (very good rating)(3) 722
Zillow's click conversion compared to Google(4) 3.4x better
Home buyers who visit Zillow(5) 55%
Zillow users who are "in the market" - buying, selling, helping others buy/sell or planning to rent(6) 75%
Zillow visitors actively seeking a loan in the next 3 months(7) 3.8 million
Key Stats: Audience Demographics(2)
Median age 46
Male/female 47% / 53%
College degree 32%
HHI: $75k+ 59%
HHI: $100k+ 41%
Little audience overlap(8)
AOL real estate 3%
MSN Real Estate 5%
Yahoo! Real Estate 7%
Trulia.com 26%
Realtor.com 17%

Sources: (1) Internal tracking via Google Analytics, January 2014. (2) comScore Plan Metrix Site Audience Profile, January 2013. (3) Zillow users who submitted loan requests on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace during March 2011. (4) Independent study conducted by the WAV group. (5) California Association of Realtors study 2008. (6) Zillow site survey, November 2013. (7) Zillow internal, February 2013. (8) comScore Plan Metrix Cross Visiting, April 2011.