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Are you a landlord of a single family home, or a property manager with a building with fewer than 50 units?
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Post your rental listings on Zillow for free using Postlets

It's easy to use Postlets to publish your rental listing on Zillow, the largest rental site on the Web.(1) Once you've created your listing, you can choose to syndicate it to more than 20 other sites.(2) Postlets is not only easy to use, it's free too! With Postlets, you can:

Are you a property manager or marketing professional of a building with 50+ units?
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Feature your properties across the Zillow Rental Network

The Zillow Rental Network connects you with residents searching Zillow, Zillow Mobile, HotPads™ and Yahoo! Homes for their next rental property. Joining the Zillow Rental Network is currently the only way for multifamily professionals with 50+ units to advertise on Zillow, the largest rental site on the Web(1).

Advantages of Zillow Rental Network listings:

  • Verified Source badge is added to listings to inform potential residents that you have a direct and trusted relationship with Zillow.
  • More space and priority placement is given in the search results list, so your properties get noticed.
  • High quality inquiries with rental pre-application data helps you pre-qualify leads and save valuable time.
  • Monthly performance reporting provides insight into performance to help you manage your online marketing budget.

(1)Source: comScore Media Metrix Rental Domain category ranking by Unique Visitors, December 2013, US Data

(2)Postlets supports syndication to 20+ sites. Source:

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Zillow Audience
Monthly unique users(1)
(as of January 2014)
70 million
Year-over-year growth 52%
Median household income(2) $76,161
Median age(2) 46
Zillow Attracts Renters is largest rental site on the Web.(7)
Renters who visit Zillow monthly(8) 10+ million
Movers deciding whether to rent or buy(8) 25%
Zillow Attracts Buyers
Zillow consumers' average credit score (very good rating)(3) 722
Zillow's click conversion compared to Google(4) 3.4x better
Home buyers who visit Zillow(5) 55%
Zillow users who are "in the market" - buying, selling, helping others buy/sell or planning to rent(6) 75%
Zillow visitors actively seeking a loan in the next 3 months(7) 3.8 million
Showcase Ads FAQs
Why should I advertise on Zillow?
Zillow is one of the most-visited real estate sites on the Web, with 24.4 million people visiting each month. Two-thirds of Zillow visitors plan to buy or sell a home in the next 1-2 years.

By placing an ad on Zillow, you have instant visibility in front of these potential customers. Make our traffic work for you!
How much does it cost?
Each ZIP code has a unique pricing plan, based on amount of visitors. ZIP codes with high traffic will cost more than ZIP codes with less traffic.
Is an ad view the same thing as a click?
No. An ad view is counted whenever we display your ad to someone looking at homes in a ZIP code you've targeted. This is what is known as an "impression" -- it is not the number of times someone clicks on your ad.

Unlike some sites, we allow you to include your contact information (phone number, e-mail address, and/or Web site URL) in the text of your ad, so your customers can contact you without having to click.
Where will my ads appear on the site?
Once a Zillow user searches for homes in one of the ZIP codes you specified, your ad will appear in the ad space of nearly every page throughout the site (until the user searches on a different ZIP code). The frequency that your ad displays will depend on the percentage of ad view placements you purchased -- 25, 50, 75, or 100 percent. Example of ad view percentage:
25% ad views:
Ad will appear, on average, in 1 out of every 4 pages in selected ZIP code
50% ad views:
Ad will appear, on average, in 2 of every 4 pages in selected ZIP code
75% ad views:
Ad will appear, on average, in 3 out of every 4 pages in selected ZIP code
100% ad views:
Ad will appear, on average, on every page in selected ZIP code
How many other ads will appear with mine?
At most, only one other Showcase Ad will appear next to yours.
Will mine be the only agent ad on the page?
The ads that appear with yours could be for other agents, houses for sale, or local businesses.
What can I put in my ad?
Your ad is your place to advertise your services. We believe the best way to do that is to leave the marketing to you. Each ad can accommodate a headline, photo, two lines of static text (including a phone number), and a hyperlink for a Web site or e-mail address. As long as the content of your ad complies with our Content Guidelines and Terms of Use, your ad message is up to you.
Can I update my ad after it starts running?
Absolutely. You can change the photo, text and Web site or e-mail address of the ad as frequently as you like — at no additional cost. Just click the "Edit Ad Content" link in the Ad Content section of your ad's report page.
Will my ad be reviewed?
Yes, all new or updated ads go through an editorial review to ensure that they meet our Content Guidelines and Terms of Use.
How do I renew my ad?
When an ad finishes running, a reminder will appear next to the ad listing on your My Zillow page. To reactivate the same ad, open your ad's report page and click on the "Buy Ad Again" button. You will then have a chance to make any updates to the ad's content before repurchasing.
What type of showcase ads perform best?
See top 50 best performing ads.

Sources: (1) Internal tracking via Google Analytics, January 2014. (2) comScore Plan Metrix Site Audience Profile, December 2013. (3) Zillow users who submitted loan requests on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace during March 2011. (4) Independent study conducted by the WAV group. (5) California Association of Realtors study 2008. (6) Zillow site survey, November 2013. (8) Google Analytics, October 2013