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Brendon DeSimone is the author of "Next Generation Real Estate: New Rules for Smarter Home Buying & Faster Selling," the go-to insider’s guide for navigating and better understanding the complex and ever-evolving world of buying and selling a home. DeSimone is the founder and principal of DeSimone & Co, an independent NYC real estate brokerage providing individualized services and a fresh, hands-on approach. Bringing more than a decade of residential real estate experience, DeSimone is a recognized national real estate expert and has appeared on top media outlets including CNBC, Good Morning America, HGTV, FOX News, Bloomberg and FOX Business. Consumers often call on Brendon for advice and to help them find a real estate agent. You can follow him on Twitter or Google Plus.

Stories by Brendon DeSimone

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Tips for Baby Boomers Entering the Real Estate Market

Many soon-to-be retirees are about to enter a new world of both home selling and buying.

Red and orange room

Does Your Home Have Too Much Personality?

You love the bright walls and furniture, but once your home is on the market you need to make it as neutral as possible.

Dome home

Tips for Selling an Unusual Home

It’s essential to have the right marketing plan, pricing strategy and real estate agent.


How to Buy a Home in One Market While Selling in Another

Upfront research can save you a lot of time and headaches.


Fall, Holidays Still Prime Season for Sellers

The fall months are no longer a real estate dead zone, and there is still plenty of action happening after Labor Day through Christmas.

Disappointed man

The Seller Won’t Negotiate: Time to Move on?

Unlike retail businesses, which price their products based on inventory levels and market conditions, each seller is independent and has different selling motivations.

View of new homes in row

How Your Neighbors Can Help — or Hurt — Your Home’s Sale

The fact is, your neighbor’s unsightly property can rub off on your own house’s curb appeal, no matter how much you’ve done to improve it. But you have options.

How to Live in Your Home While It's on the Market

It is a delicate balance to have your home showing in its best possible light while also living there comfortably.


How to Buy a Flipped House

If you’re buying a flipped house, consider taking the following steps to ensure you don’t get any unpleasant surprises after closing.

Chicago patio

How Much Is Your Outdoor Space Worth?

Here’s a look at the factors that can determine the value of your outdoor space.

Seattle condo

What Millennials and Boomers Need to Know About Condos

Owning a condo has many of the same benefits of owning a single-family home. But there are some rules and restrictions boomers and millennials alike often face when going the condo route.

Little boy choosing between a cupcake and apple

How to Determine What You Want in a Home

Establishing your most important criteria upfront will help you stay on track as you move through the home buying process.

Flickr: Alan Levine

5 Steps to Selling Your Home

Selling your home? Here are five tips you should know, including knowing comps and your home’s market value.


Why Real Estate Deals Fall Apart

The best way to prevent deals from going sideways is to prepare as best you can.

Signing a contract

Do Letters to Sellers Work?

If you’re a buyer and you find yourself in love with a home alongside three, five or 10 other buyers, a letter can help. But don’t simply dash one off without giving it some thought, or you’ll be wasting your time.

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