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Estimate: $48,200

Home Stratosphere
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I think you're either going to love or hate this kitchen all because of the blue walls. I like it, but I don't think I'd do it. You?

Estimate: $51,300


Estimate: $61,200

KimTarasoff Cash
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Love the mix of dark and light cabinets but the hood is too dark, draws the eye into the flat and boring. This is the main focal point and should be stainless steel or some type of cool marble/cut stone or even a soft design might work. This is where the room needs to be something other than black ...

Estimate: $46,200


Which kids' bathroom do you like best?

Bright colors and whimsical accents inspire kids to wash and brush.

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Estimate: $49,300

Home Stratosphere
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What an incredible backyard and pool. The house is no flunky either.

Estimate: $45,500



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