Zillow Neighborhood Boundaries

The Zillow data team has created a database of nearly 7,000 neighborhood boundaries in the largest cities in the U.S. And we'd like to share them with you! We're sharing these neighborhoods under a Creative Commons license to allow people to use and contribute to our growing database. What does this mean to users of the data?

  • You are free to use the files in this database in applications as long as you attribute Zillow when you use them.
  • You may also make your own changes to the database files and distribute them, as long as you provide them under the same kind of license and give Zillow attribution.

Also, we'd love to give a shout-out to folks who have cool implementations of the boundary files so if that's you, then please leave a comment mentioning your site in our developer discussions. We'll keep a list of those using the data here.

The neighborhood shapes are available below, zipped up in the Arc Shapefile format.

Additions, improvements, feedback, or questions? Please go to our developer discussions.

We do require that you provide attribution to Zillow by including the Zillow logo provided here on any page on which the Zillow data itself is used. The logo must link back to this Zillow page.

Zillow Neighborhood Boundary Shapefiles:

Below you will find the zipped neighborhood boundary file for each state in the Shapefile geographic format.