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Moving to Baltimore?
Inspired by my own experience of moving to Baltimore from Washington, DC I became a Realtor. It was summer of 2001 when everyone from the pizza delivery boy to the ice cream man was a card carrying Realtor. Who wasn't a Realtor? Houses were freshly listed at 9AM and sold by 12 noon. Any and everything was sold in hours if not minutes. In such a fast pace market who had time for home inspections, selling contingencies, financing contingencies, appraisals let alone questions regarding tax credits: federal, state, local historic, or financing options. Obviously as a first time home buyer and brand new to Baltimore this was all "Greek" to me. I had more questions than Realtors had time or answers. Never had the axiom "Buyer Beware" been so true.Today in 2009 we now see what a mess the frenzy of last "boom market" created. It takes more than having a license and a business card to be a Realtor. It takes skill and finesse to dissect the complexities of real estate and translate these details to clients in a language that is comfortable and accessible. I know that as a Realtor the most valuable service I can perform is to take the time to educate my clients both buyers and sellers on all aspects of real estate. From home inspections, selling contingencies, financing contingencies, appraisals, tax credits: federal, state, local, historic, and financing options, it is my duty to ensure that my clients are well informed so that when it comes time for them to make a decision regarding their real estate options they will know with confidence that they are making the right decision, one that is in harmony with their goals and lifestyle.

So feel free to ask me a million questions, even if you think you know the answer or even if you've asked me before. Take the time to do your home work. So that when that "once in a lifetime deal" comes along you will be prepared. Remember you make your money in real estate not when you sell your home but when you buy it!
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