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09/26/2014 - angryhomebuyer
Bought a home in 2011.

We used Sara as our agent a few years ago when we bought our first house and thought the experience was just okay; however, now that we're actually selling our house, I'm realizing what a poor job the Gerharts did.

I think it's only fair to say that Sara is a nice person and was pretty responsive. We never met Steve so I can't comment on him at all.

Now on to the reasons we were dissatisfied. When it came to the house hunt, I really felt like I was doing all the work actually searching for houses and she was just there to get us in to the houses, which I'm realizing now is not at all how it should be. That turned out fine because we found a house we really liked, but I don't really think she earned her money here at all.

My main issues are with what happened after we put in offer on our house. First, I am not confident that she negotiated for us at all. She certainly did not guide us clearly on how we should negotiate or what we should ask for, etc. No guidance at all. We were first-time home buyers and she didn't explain anything to us and actually gave us plenty of WRONG information. For example, we noticed that the property taxes on the house were super low ($400) and asked her why. She told us that it was normal and that they would stay the same for us. Obviously, this is dead wrong. The property taxes are a percentage of what you pay for the house, so ours were more like $5000 (the previous owner had lived in the house since 1950, which is why his were so low!). How did she not know that?

Second, she set up the inspection for us and I am not convinced she picked someone who has any skill in this area. I wish I had realized how important this was and done some research/chosen my own inspector. The inspection came back pretty clear (on an almost 100 year old house). Should've raised red flags, but we were so excited to be moving forward that we didn't think too much of it. Now, we're selling that house 3.5 years later and our new (AWESOME) real estate agent, who is one million times better at explaining things, has noted certain things that should have come up in the inspection then (that clearly didn't develop in the 3 years we lived here) and that our agent should have recommended additional, specific inspections on things like the foundation and chimney and THEN should have used that to negotiate the price. Now we're selling the house and our buyers are doing these things and we'll be stuck with whatever turns up all because Sara did not due her full diligence, in my opinion.

I know that some of this is on us -- I wish that we had been more informed so we could have advocated for ourselves. But honestly, is that not the point of a real estate agent?? They are supposed to guide you through the process and help you make good choices.

Now that we know what we know, we are extremely dissatisfied with our experience with the Gerharts. If we could go back, we would 100% choose a different agent. For our current selling/buying process, I went to Yelp and actually checked recommendations and chose a fantastic agent. The different is remarkable.

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03/06/2011 - Laura1747
Bought a Condo home in 2009 for approximately $300K in Duarte, CA.

I purchased my first home in 2009. Purchasing a first home can be a very successful experience, Sara and Steve found me the perfect place for me and negotiated a seamless transaction that was a great experience. Sara and Steve worked with me and my budget and never made me feel that I would need to compromise on the little details that were important to me in my first home. The care and diligence Sara and Steve showed me left me feeling that I had truly made the right decision.

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02/25/2011 - First Home1
Bought a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $325K in Chino Hills, CA.

Where do I begin? We knew from the beginning that we were in safe hands. There was never a doubt that they did not know what they were doing and that they had our best interest. We trusted them fully. Our escrow took us for a spin and it was an emotional roller-coaster (Sara and Steve were not at fault) but they kept us sane and got us through it! They treated us like family and we always felt "protected". They have become life-long friends...nuff said.

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02/22/2011 - halasang
Bought a home in 2010.

Sara and Steve are true professionals in every sense of the word; patient, seasoned and knowledgeable. They met and exceeded all of our expectations throughout the entire process from start to finish, and they did so with warmth, friendliness and humor at all the right times. If you are looking for caring professional realestate representation, my wife and I wholehearted recommend Sara and Steve Gerhart ... we could not have asked for better agents! Thank you Sara and Steve, you two are the best!

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02/09/2011 - michaeljamesmiller
Bought a Condo home in 2002 in Azusa, CA.

It was such a no brainer to go with the Gerhart's when I first saw their years of Real Estate experience listed online. The experience paid off BIG TIME when the seller of the property I was purchasing wanted to do a quick 30-day turnaround at the time, which I initially agreed to do. Due to legal problems on my side, I wasn't able to close escrow until another 4 months. The Gerharts AMAZINGLY were able to work with the seller to have him hold off for those 4 months, thus securing the property for me (hurray!). THANK YOU Steve & Sara for making my dreams come true!!!

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